Non-English Language Content

Here you can find a growing collection of downloadable audio and text content created in languages other than English. Each entry will have its language specified below its title. Dr. Su will have his messages recorded in both Taiwanese, his native language, and Chinese for now. He keeps a transcript of each message in English. If you wish to help translate Dr. Su’s message in your native language or the language(s), which you mastered, please contact Dr. Su at

Content: Click on the hyperlink of the message that you wish to listen or read.

  1. October 2011: A Chat With My Friends In Taiwan: Carbohydrate Restriction. (台灣話, 中國話, Translations in Chinese), Japanese (日本語), FrançaiseEspañolPolskiMagyarहिंदी, and English are available.
  2. November 2011: Carbohydrates Causes Diabetes Mellitus, 碳水化合物導致糖尿病 (台灣話中國話FrançaiseEspañolMagyar, and English are available
  3. December 2011: Carbohydrates and the Immune System, 碳水化合物和免疫系統 (台灣話中國話), Française, and English are available.
  4. January 2012: Bariatric surgery reduces CV events, and mechanisms should not remain a mystery. 減肥手術可降低心血管病變,其作用機制不應是一個謎 (台灣話,  中國話) and English are available.
  5. February 2012: Carbohydrate Restriction and Neurodegenerative Diseases. 碳水化合物的限制和神經退行性疾病 (台灣話,  中國話) and English are available.
  6. March 2012: Lucy Kunz, PhD: A brave and lucky woman. 露西昆茨博士:一個勇敢和幸運的女人 (台灣話,  中國話) and English are available.

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