A Special Book Sale: The Health Care Mess


[JEV News, December 22, 2012] If you are among the majority of Americans who are concerned about the rising health care cost and, at the same time, reject the implementation of Obamacare in the United States of America, you should first know why the American health care system is plagued with such a mess.

Robert Su, M.D., author of Carbohydrates Can Kill, published a book, The Health Care Mess, under his pen name, Robert Bear Smith, M.D. in 1994, amid the heated debate on the infamous Hillarycare, which is the prototype of Obamacare — socialized medicine. In this book, he, as a physician meeting with his patient, carefully takes the history of the Health Care Mess, and reaches the diagnosis, and prognosis of the mess, and offers his treatment plan.

With this book, Dr. Su led a group, The Coalition of the Public and Physicians for Sensible Health Care Reform, USA in 1994. He actively campaigned for Autonomous Care. He has shared his idea through his writings.

Unfortunately, the health care mess in the 1990s has continued to grow into the 21st century and is worsening. Hilarycare was not the solution to the health care mess in the 1990s, so is not Obamacare to the same mess today.

JEV Publishing has recently received limited copies of The Health Care Mess, and wishes to offer it to you when you order a copy of Carbohydrates Can Kill. The regular price for a copy of The Health Care Mess is $19.95 plus applicable sales tax and shipping and handling. However, you only pay $9.95 (a more than 50% discount!) for an autographed copy of this book when you order an autographed copy of Carbohydrates Can Kill at $28.46 plus applicable sales tax for both copies, and $5.00 for shipping and handling. The special book sale will end on the 31st day of January 2013, or when the inventory is exhausted. Please send your special orders at

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A New Book In Spanish: Dieta Dukan Y Salud


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By Robert K. Su, Pharm.B., M.D. for Low-Carbing Among Friends, Volume 2 You are using this wonderful cookbook, Low-Carbing Among Friends, because you realized that you should avoid consuming too many carbohydrates for the sake of losing weight and improving health. Moreover, if you are or have been a diabetic, you should have realized that…

This is just another milestone!


[JEV News, July 11, 2012] Today, I aired the Listener’s Roundtable Discussion Eidtion12, Part 2, an interview between Mr. Beauchamp, Eric Westman, M.D, and myself. This is the last of my scheduled work that I have constantly pushed myself for the deadlines for more than two years. When this episode was aired, I felt the same when…

Dr. Su starts semiretirement.


[JEV News, June 24, 2012] Robert Su, Pharm. B., M.D. author of “Carbohydrates Can Kill”, host of the Carbohydrates Can Kill Podcast Show, and author of the weekly blog for the website,, has announced that he starts semiretirement. Order Dr. Su’s book: Carbohydrates Can Kill. Want to support Dr. Su’s campaign? Please click the “Donate” button in…

Immediate Release: Dr. Su Extends His Time Off Till July 1.


[JEV News, May 27, 2012] Robert Su, Pharm. B., M.D. author of “Carbohydrates Can Kill”, host of the Carbohydrates Can Kill Podcast Show, and author of the weekly blog for the website,, announces that he is working on an assignment and needs to extend his time off till July 1. There will be no…

May 19, 2012: Dr. Su is on live radio interview


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A Brief Report: BG Tests On Foods From LC Foods Corp.


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