Ep. 110: Lisa Marshall discusses Low-Carbing Among Friends


It is wonderful to have such a special occasion on Thanksgiving Eve to air a new episode of the Carbohydrates Can Kill Podcast. Since entering my semiretirement, I have significantly curtailed amount of podcasting and writing I post on this website, but I continue to do literature research so I can keep sharing more useful information to help you restore and maintain good health.

In adopting a carbohydrate-restricted diet, some of us have trouble staying on course. It can be hard, especially if you don’t have access to recipes and menus to help you along the way. To aid with that problem, I have the honor of inviting Ms. Lisa Marshall to be my special guest today. Ms. Marshall is a co-author of the best-selling cookbook series, “Low-carbing Among Friends”. Because I found it to be a great resource, I wrote a couple of articles which are included in the books. I hope you’ll enjoy reading them. Please tune in and listen to what Ms. Marshall shares with you about her personal experience in dieting and writing recipes.

About Ms. Lisa Marshall:

Lisa Marshall takes the stress out of running a low carb kitchen. As a member of the Low Carbing Among Friends Cookbook team, Lisa’s family friendly recipes help get healthy food on the table everyday.  When her husband was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, Lisa changed her family’s diet. Giving up fast food and convenience food can be daunting, so Lisa created the 24/7 Low Carb Diner system. She now teaches others how to organize meal plans using numerous kitchen short cuts which result in delicious, healthy meals available 24/7. Her informative e-book and blog make her a valuable member of the low carb community and a welcome addition to the collaborative cookbooks of the Low Carbing Among Friends series.

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  • Roxanne Wilson

    Hello Dr. Su,
    I very much enjoyed your interview with Lisa Marshall. Her warm personality and enthusuasm make me want to purchase the third volume of ‘Low Carbing Among Friends’ even more.Thanks for all the great work you have done with interviews.

    • http://www.carbohydratescankill.com Robert K. Su MD

      Dear Ms. Wilson:
      Thank you very much for your comments. I am glad that you like the interview and that the interview helps you decide to buy the new volume of the cookbook.