Dr. Su starts semiretirement.


[JEV News, June 24, 2012] Robert Su, Pharm. B., M.D. author of “Carbohydrates Can Kill”, host of the Carbohydrates Can Kill Podcast Show, and author of the weekly blog for the website, www.carbohydratescankill.com, has announced that he starts semiretirement.

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  • Steve Parker, M.D.

    Thanks for your hard work, Dr. Su. Most folks who haven’t done it don’t realize how much of a time commitment is required for a website, blog, podcast, and book-writing. Enjoy your free time!


    • http://www.carbohydratescankill.com Robert K. Su, MD

      Dr. Parker: Thank you very much for your comments. I’ll continue to do what I can for my campaign without a deadline.