A Brief Report: BG Tests On Foods From LC Foods Corp.


[JEV News, April 27, 2012] At the request from LC Foods, Corporation, I began a project for evaluating the impacts on individual’s postprandial blood glucose level by three food items, which are marketed by LC Foods corp. The project is to use individual’s serial blood glucose tests in related to each of the three food items, namely, pancake, brownies, and multigrain bread. As of February 20, 2012, there were 34 participants in the non-diabetic group, and 26 in the pre-diabetic.diabetic group. As of April 20, 2012, 29 participants of the non-diabetic group and 9 of the prediabetic/diabetic group responded. However, one of the non-diabetic group is assigned to the diabetic group because this person has abnormal baseline blood glucose levels, and is likely a prediabetic or diabetic. Three participants of the non-diabetic group did not complete all the tests on three items. Two of the non-diabetic group who have variations from the test protocol are eliminated.

The test results are assembled into spreadsheets. The bottom series of each sheet is the set of average of the results for the group with the respective food item. 


In the results above, a majority of the participants has an increase of their blood glucose level within 20 mg%, which is generally a safe margin, in my opinion. Aside the issue about gluten hypersensitivity, which has been observed with some people who consume wheat and/or wheat products, based on the test results, I think these food items are friendly for those who are either non-diabetic or pre-diabetic/diabetic, and adopt the dietary style with carbohydrate restriction.

Contributed by Robert Su, Pharm.B., M.D., author of Carbohydrates Can Kill and host of the Carbohydrates Can Kill Show

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