Dietitians should earn, but not demand, the public’s trust!


[JEV News, February 24, 2012] Last Friday, February 17, 2012, JEV News extended its gratitude, on behalf of the public, to those knowledgeable nutritionists (dietitians too) for helping people understand and adopt healthy dietary style with scientific evidence. Their excellence certainly earns the public’s trust.

Mr. Mark Sisson’s interview, aired on February 22, 2012, shows a different story about how nutrition and dietetics are being practiced by a majority of nutritionists and dietitians. Mr. Sisson, a marathoner since he was a young adult, had followed a high-carbohydrate diet during the time when he competed in the sports he loved and was devoted to. But, he had to do his own research, and discovered the high-carbohydrate diet was unhealthy and the culprit of his health problems. With his continuing research, Mr. Sisson has shared his personal experience with others through his writings.

Mr. Sisson’s story is nothing new at all. Many more individuals, who suffer with obesity, diabetes mellitus and other health problems, fail to lose weight or improve their health with the advice from their nutritionists/dietitians. Scientific studies have already shown a diet, which is high in carbohydrate and low in fat, is unhealthy. Unfortunately, a majority of nutritionists and dietitians are still following the traditional dietary guidelines that promote high-carbohydrate, low-fat diet. Why are these nutritionists and dietitians continuing the wrong path, despite that they have witnessed their failure of helping their clients with the traditional dietary guidelines?

American Dietetics Association wishes to use the laws and rules for regulating the practice of dietetics strictly by licensed dietitians and prohibiting individuals from sharing the information about dieting with others. If succeeded, licensed dietitians would be operating the only game in town. The ADA may hope that the public would trust its fellow licensed dietitians and consult with them for every matter in dieting. But, it is not so fast, thanks to the US Constitutions and the anti-trust laws. Dietitians should earn, but not demand, the public’s trust!

Contributed by Robert Su, Pharm.B., M.D., author of Carbohydrates Can Kill and host of the Carbohydrates Can Kill Show

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  • Mary Titus

    We’re going through the process of either selectiong a new president or keeping our old president. We scrutinize their every move. We do the same thing when we buy a car, go on a vacation, purchase a house or adopt a dog. For this reason the dietician AND physician should also go through the same scrutiny. I have seen too many people injured by licensed dieticians and physicians. This is why a learned to read and write

    • Robert K. Su, MD

      Well said, Ms. Titus. Thank you very much.